November 01, 2004

GER proposal (#40)

In our globalized world, students need to develop an intellectual foundation that 1) grounds them in the Western intellectual tradition, which is “home” to most Furman students, 2) exposes them to thought and culture beyond the borders of the United States, and 3) teaches them practical skills necessary for coping in our global society. The following revision of the GER curriculum seeks to lay this foundation. Its most innovative (and expensive) feature is a requirement that all Furman students take at least one “engaged learning” course outside the United States.

The new GER curriculum would consist of a menu of courses in three categories: western core, global core, and practical skills. Students would make selections from the course titles listed below. All courses are four hours unless otherwise indicated. “Student’s choice” courses allow students to choose courses from a list proposed by departments and approved by APC.

Western Core

Students must take each of the following:

  • History of Western Civilization
  • Introduction to Christianity
  • Introduction to Western Art and Music
  • Lab Science (student’s choice)
  • Mathematics (student’s choice)
  • Social Science (student’s choice)

Students choose 1 of the following:

  • Introduction to Western Philosophy
  • Introduction to Western Literature

Global Core
Students must take:

  • 1 course exposing students to a “non-western” tradition (student’s choice)
  • 1 credit-bearing overseas experience (e.g., study abroad, foreign internship, or independent research abroad)

Practical Skills
Students must take the following courses:

Freshman Seminar: Thinking and Writing (must be taken freshman year)
Foreign Language (1-3 courses)

Students choose 2 of the following (must be taken in a single term):

  • Health and Exercise Science (2 hours)
  • Introduction to Computing (2 hours)
  • Public Speaking (2 hours)
  • Personal Finance (2 hours)

Furman students will take the equivalent of 12 four-hour courses (counting language as “1”) to meet the general education requirement under this system.

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